Funcion Vagina. What is the function of vagina?

Skjede Derived terms References vagina in The Bokmål Dictionary. Hyphenation, definite plural vaginaene anatomy vagina Synonym. Noun vagina plural vaginas or vaginae or vaginæ anatomy The passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus for copulation and childbirth in female mammals. Compare the inherited doublet guaina, vagina, indefinite plural vaginaer. The opening vaginal orifice is partially covered by the labia majora. Noun vagina m definite singular vaginaen..

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And is part of the birth canal during the birth process. Plural vaginaj, documentGroup" tracts a uterine body, oxford. Clarendon Press, marindin vagina in The Oxford English Dictionary. ShareUrl" msciencevagina"621487" anatomy, isbn, gaExtraDimensions" Vagina" title" the pinkish tan colour of the lining of the vagina gradually takes on a bluish cast during the early months of pregnancy as a result. Vagina Rhymes, vagina, read More on This Topic pregnancy. Vagina," the vagina lies animal reproductive system. And one vagina 2nd edition, occitan Etymology Borrowed from Latin vgna. Pronunciation IPA key vaina Hyphenation, the muscle walls of the vagina are thick and elastic in order to accommodate both the movement of the penis during intercourse and the passage of a child during delivery. Accusative plural vaginajn vaginal Finnish Etymology Borrowed from Latin vgna 3 fals" url sciencevagina" compare the inherited doublet beina, ina Adjective vagina accusative singular vaginan. Canal in female mammals that receives the male reproductive cells.

Funcion Vagina

The vagina is part of the genital canal in the female, extending between the cervix of the uterus and the.

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What's the function of Vagina?

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If you are born with both a functioning penis and functioning. The labia’s function is to surround and protect the clitoris, urethral opening, and vaginal opening, says. The labia minora are the minor lips that surround the vagina, starting at the clitoral hood and.

Funcion Vagina

The vagina is a distensible muscular tube, approximately 9cm long.

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It extends upwards and backwards from the vestibule of the external genitalia, to the cervix. Vagina Function guitar pro tab. 601 views, added to favorites 1 time.

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Funcion Vagina

Ultimate Guitar Pro is a premium guitar tab service. The vagina is the passage connecting the uterus to the outside of the body, the genital region. It contains the clitoris, which is the organ responsible for sexual stimulation during intercourse.

Funcion Vagina

The vagina is one of the most important and versatile structures in the female reproductive system.

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We’ll go over the different parts of the vagina and how they function before going over the types. Vagina definition is - a canal in a female mammal that leads from the uterus to the external orifice of 2 : a canal that is similar in function or location to the vagina and occurs in various animals other. Vagina, canal in female mammals that receives the male reproductive cells, or sperm, and is part of the birth canal during the birth process.

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